Welcome To Cedar Ridge, Home of ¬†America’s Elite Sowherd

Cedar Ridge Farms was established in 1954 by the late Fred and Betty Grohmann. Their six sons, Bob, Dennis, Stan, Mike, Randy, and Freddie, now own and operate the farm. We invite you to view the information throughout the site and contact us about you in what we have to offer.

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At Cedar Ridge Genetics, we are confident that when you consider all things including productivity, longevity, growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass yield, loin depth and lean muscle content into an overall evaluation, our genetic program will excel and provide maximum profit potential for any modern production system. Put us to the test!

Our complete program consists of purebred, nucleus-level grandparent boars and gilts of the following breeds: Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc and Hampshire. These genetics can be accessed through live animal purchase, fresh semen sales or pre-ordered bred gilts.

Our terminal program consists of our ProfitMAX parent-stock females bred to our high-caliber ProfitMAX terminal boars. Access to the ProfitMAX terminal lines are available from our two home studs or by direct purchase of young elite A.I.- quality boars or natural service boars.